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Flip by Leah Dunn: a Shaggy, Funny Triumph for Memorial Day Weekend

The outstanding new song by the California-based singer-songwriter Leah Dunn, captures both the fuzzy, Pepsi-flavored sweetness of Memorial Days past and the specific miseries of dealing with someone you hate in the midst of grill smoke and bug bites...

Joe Hoeffner for Two Story Melody

Leah Dunn and the two way mirror, leap of faith of "Heresy"

There is something immediately comfortable about "Heresy" by Belmont, California based indie rock singer-songwriter Leah Dunn. It might be the falling A- Ab - E that wraps around your waist pulling you close...

Robb for American Pancake

Wrong Place Featured in The Matinee '22 V.032

Dunn shares a tale of feeling like a stranger in a new place, where she does not share the same interests as others and everything feels foreign. Her songwriting is filled with great vignettes, including being abandoned by her new "friends".

Staff for The Revue